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Pari Isazadeh, a world-renowned Persian-Swedish singer/songwriter, was born and raised in the south Persian town of Dezful. Pari has been schooled in the rich tradition of classical Persian music and composes music in a style that is uniquely her own. Pari´s music has its roots in two-thousand-year-old Persian art music with influences from folk music originating from different parts of Iran, Azerbadjan, Afghanistan, Sweden and Bulgaria.

Pari Isazadeh’s talent was discovered when she was only a child. Her father initiated her into the rich tradition of Persian music with its ancient singing styles. Soon she was singing avaz - ancient Persian blues - and tasnif in complicated scales with quarter tones, typical in traditional Persian music. 

At seven, Pari started to perform on Iranian radio and won many talent competitions. After her studies in USA, Pari moved to Sweden in 1985, where she took up advanced training in avaz and resumed her musical career parallell to her studies in psychology. 

Pari Isazadeh Ensemble consists of musicians from the Persian and Swedish music elites. In the last decennium the ensemble has had a number of concerts in Swedish Radio, ReOrient Festival, Uppsala Concert Hall, Stallet, Bingsjöstämman (Scandinavias #1 Folk Music Festival), Kista World Music Festival, Västerås Concert Hall and Stockholm Concert Hall with the Royal Swedish Philharmonic Orchestra, to mention a few.

Pari´s vocal style is characterized by outstanding dynamics and unique vibrato. Her album “From Dezful to Dalarna”, released in 2013, has been the subject of tremendous international attention, and the Grappa record company has included one of Pari’s songs on its latest album Iranian Woman together with other world-leading Persian female singers.

In october 2013 Pari also formed the band Parizad (a Persian word that means “angelic child”) consisting of five fantastic female musicians from different countries and different music traditions, who play Swedish, Persian, Afghan and Bulgarian music with boundless joy and delight. Traditional and newly composed songs are woven together to an unforgettable musical journey to Persian deserts, Afghan plains, Bulgarian mountains and Swedish forests. Having existed for only a month, Parizad was one of three finalists to be nominated for the "Best Female World Music Band" competition at the Folk & World Music Gala 2014 in Umeå. 

After her album "From Dezful to Dalarna", Pari has released "I am you" with her own compositions on Sound cloud. 

Pari Isazadeh is recording her new album "From Dezjpol to Kabul" with Parizad and other musicians, with folk music from different parts of Iran and Afghanistan and arrangements of Ehsan Tavkkol.

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